Get Answers To Your Questions About Star Shower Motion™

I ordered my Star Shower Motion™ and it said shipping will take 3-6 weeks. Why so long?

Shipping MAY take 3-6 weeks. Throughout different times of the year demand is greater than others, so we always state 3-6 weeks. However, we always do our best to plan for those times of the year so we can avoid “back orders.”

Help! I placed an incorrect order. How can I change this?

What you want to do is call this toll free number for customer service: 1-844-863-0169. To find your order they will need your phone number (or email address if you provided it), last name, and zip code. They will absolutely get your order fixed for you. Keep in mind order processing takes a full 24 hours, so they may not have your order in the customer service system until at least 24 hours after you've placed your order.

I ordered Star Shower Motion™, but I haven't been charged yet. When should I expect to be charged?

We process your order within 24 hours, but we do not charge your card for the purchase until the order is shipped to your address.

Is Star Shower Motion™ available in any other colors besides red and green?

At this time Star Shower Motion™ only comes in red and green, which are great for any occasion.

Help! I turned on my Star Shower Motion™ and nothing happened!

To save electricity, Star Shower Motion™ has been designed to only turn on in the dark. Test the unit in a dark room.

Is Star Shower Motion™ battery operated?

Star Shower Motion™ is not battery operated, but comes with a foot long, 2-prong wire plug that fits into any indoor/outdoor extension cord.

From how far away can Star Shower Motion™ project while still remaining visible?

Star Shower Motion™'s ultra bright laser lights can project from 100 yards away, which is optimal for any size home!

How will Star Shower Motion™ hold up in extreme cold?

Star Shower Motion™ can withstand temperatures as low as -30 degrees Fahrenheit/-35 degrees Celsius and as high as 100 degrees fahrenheit / 40 degrees Celsius.

Is my Star Shower Motion™ safe to use anywhere?

Lasers must meet rigorous FDA regulations and Consumer Product Safety standards. Star Shower Motion™ should be pointed directly at your home and never directly into the sky. Lasers should not be projected at or within the flight path of an aircraft within 10 nautical miles of an airport. If your intended surface is within 10 nautical miles of an airport, lower the angle of the Star Shower Motion™ so that no lasers point into the sky.

Is Star Shower Motion™ safe for people or pets' eyes indoors?

Star Shower Motion™ lights are safe as the laser is defracted but neither pets nor people should look directly into the lens for any extended period.

How long will my Star Shower Motion™ last?

The bulbs have been tested for durability and should last up to two years.

How far out does Star Shower Motion™ need to be from your house in order to cover how much of an area?

10 feet - 206 sq ft
20 ft - 824 sq ft.
25 ft - 1288 sq ft
30 ft - 1854 sq ft.
35 ft - 2524 sq ft.
40 ft - 3296 sq ft


  • String
  • Lights Up Your Home
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Energy Efficient
  • No
  • Yes
  • Sets Up In Seconds
  • No
  • Yes
  • Built-In Light Sensor
  • No
  • Yes
  • Creates A Dazzling, Moving Light Display
  • No
  • Yes

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