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Decorating for holidays is hard work. You put up the same stuff year after year. Not anymore! Star Shower® Window Wonderland™ is the revolutionary projector that transforms average windows into spectacular displays! READ FULL DESCRIPTION Go from ordinary to extraordinary. Star Shower® Window Wonderland™ makes holiday decorating fast and easy. Place the projector near any window. Add the adjustable 4-feet by 6-feet easy fit screen to your window. Select the built-in movie you want to play and start the show. Celebrate the horror of Halloween or the joy of Christmas in stunning fashion. Window Wonderland™ features an adjustable stand so you can get a perfect picture. The one-touch switch allows you to start movies with the press of a button. There's no complicated set-up or installation! Window Wonderland™ is styled like a classic Hollywood camera and uses the latest projection technology to create bright and colorful movies. Stay warm and cozy inside while the stunning scenes play outside year after year. Bring your home to life with Star Shower® Window Wonderland™

Get your Star Shower® Window Wonderland™ today with 6 Halloween movies for just $59.99 and FREE shipping and handling. As our gift to you, we'll include 6 Christmas movies for a total of 12 holiday movies! Double your offer and receive a second Star Shower® Window Wonderland™ set PLUS a Star Shower Motion. Just pay a separate fee of $59.99. Hurry and order now!


  • Ordinary
  • Decorates Home for the Holidays
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Advanced Projection Technology
  • No
  • Yes
  • Hassle-Free Set-Up
  • No
  • Yes
  • Can Be Used For Multiple Holidays
  • No
  • Yes
  • Creates Dazzling Moving Window Displays
  • No
  • Yes

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Transform your home in a flash with 1 of 12 built-in movies!

Setting up Window Wonderland™ is as easy as one, two three!

With Window Wonderland™, just pick your movie, choose your orientation and enjoy!

Your window displays will be brighter and more colorful, thanks to advanced projection technology.

Window Wonderland™ Features & Benefits

12 Holiday Movies

Fast & Easy

Simple to use

Advanced Technology

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